December 15, 2003

OT: know where you are

ben forta's recent blog concerning GPS devices and an article on the internet search engine db site got me to thinking about how few websites bother to geographically locate themselves. in fact, many don't even bother with a simple city, state/province, country text blurb. this is bad practice at so many levels, i don't know whether to whack the webmaster with mike hotek's big rubber mallet or swiftly apply my foot to their backside. locating your website is important for a number of reasons, chief among them is that you're actually some "place". being at a known physical location gives people a sense of your business being "real" and therefore perhaps trustworthy. beyond the pop psychology, the wireless era we seem to be entering demands a location. somebody firing up their bluetooth GPS/pda device and looking for the nearest microbrewery might be a bit put out if none turned up, even though they might standing right in front of one. all the locational technology in the world is so much snake-oil without good geographic data to feed it. so get yourself located. how hard is it these days to find out your geographic location? not very, you can use the resources on the geoURL project or the geotags project. failing these, drop me a line with your city, state/province, country and i'll see what i can do (yes, i feel that strongly about this). as the saying goes: know where you are. be where you're at.


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