December 10, 2003

ICU4J RuleBasedNumberFormat spellOut

one of the other bumps we encountered during the move from cf5 to mx for our municipal info system was a c++ cfx tag that spelled out numbers for reporting, reciepts, etc. that started going nutso with values greater than 65 million when we moved to mx (not to brag much but since we started working with this particular municipality its annual tax base has increased from 28 million baht to over 67 million baht). not sure if this was a side effect of the multi-byte cfxNeo.dll we introduced or that the original c++ code used datatypes that fell over after 64 million (we're still hunting for that code) but since we're porting to java based i18n functionality anyway i thought i'd see if there were any "stock" spellout methods around. once again, ibm's icu4j comes through. its class has a nifty format method with spellout rulesets for some locales (in this case we're only interested in thai but there are others available in the class). once i slapped a wrapper class around it's format method it was good to go. you can see it in action on this testbed. i'll make it and the wrapper class available once i get currency formatting setup and tested as well as figure out how to add other locale's rulesets (as well as get other rulesets' data, for instance i'd really like to see arabic locales rulesets'). one bone i have to pick w/mx's java support is the constant need to write wrapper classes to handle (dumb down) various format() methods. it makes distributing and maintaining some i18n CFCs more of a pain than need be. i was hoping some java guru might explain the whys and the wherefores, any takers?


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