November 10, 2003

it's official: canadians no longer matter ;-)

well not really but from an advertizing point of view maybe they won't much longer. i often argue that "backyard globalization" is an important point to consider when developing cf applications. if you're not looking to develop fully global apps, at least consider non-english speakers in your "backyard" (let's say it's in the US). well according to this news article (yes, its also a snazzy cf-powered site), hispanics in the US now outnumber canadians in canada. you're looking at a 38.8 million people growing marketplace with an estimated $675 billion annual purchasing power. something to chew over next time you're designing out an application. you can find some more interesting reading on g11n business aspects here. the article on chinese whispers is particularly cool. ps: yes i know canada is bilingual and a very compelling case for "backyard globalization" too but i just couldn't resist ;-)


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