November 10, 2003

ICU4J 2.6.1 released

IBM's has done a maintenance release for ICU4J 2.6.1. you can pick it up here. quoting the ICU4J site: list of significant changes for the 2.6.1 release: - UCA 4.0 ICU has been updated to use the latest version of UCA - 4.0. - Thai Royal Dictionary Collation: Thai collation tailoring has been updated to reflect the Thai Royal Dictionary ordering. Changes have been made to collation code in order to properly support invalid Thai sequences (chaiyo!). - Collation: parser/builder bug fixes: Several bugs in collation rule parser and builder have been fixed. - Unicode character properties data has been synched with ICU4C - Other bug fixes: Bugs have been fixed in layout engine (jitterbug number 3041), BiDi (3174), string functions (3243) and platform support (3097).


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