November 27, 2003

OT: string free MSDE

those ms bullies are up to their old tricks again, darn their eyes they're diabolically giving away MSDE without any strings....the swine ;-) if you don't know MSDE, its sort of like sql server's idiot brother-in-law. it has some limitations: - 2gb db size limit - 5 concurrent users (batch workloads) - no GUI for management (which makes for a good way to learn tSQL) - no DTS designer (though DTS itself works in MSDE) - it default installs with trusted (windows based) authentication only (which causes folks using MX's JDBC sql server drivers plenty of mystery headaches) but for development/learning and lower volume websites (25 concurrent users) its a sweet deal. in the past there was always something you had to buy from ms to be "legal" with msde (but everybody and their brother had ways through that). i guess they got tired of swimming against the tide and made things easier. so now you know.


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