November 01, 2003

locales march on

the common XML locale data repository (CLDR) has gone to beta. the purpose of this project, in case you can't recall, is two-fold (quoting the CLDR site): 1) devise a general XML format for the exchange of culturally sensitive (locale) information for use in application and system development 2) gather, store, and make available data generated in that format this "kitchen sink" approach goes way beyond the simple HTML concept of locale (which is basically language as used in a location) and includes such groovy stuff like collation, calendars, timezones, measurements, delimiters, etc. similarly, those cool ICU4J folks have just proposed a LocaleMisc class to be added to their nifty java library that would expose locale info such as exemplar characters, measurements, and paper size (never would have thought of that one). onward and upward.


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