July 11, 2008

icu4j 4.0 hits the streets

the latest version of the super cool icu4j i18n library has been released. the big changes (to me) are:
  • that it has upgraded it's resource data to Unicode 5.1 and CLDR 1.6
  • added date interval formatting (ie Jan 10, 2008 to Jan 20, 2008 becomes Jan 10-20, 2008, 10:10am to 11:10am becomes 10:10-11:10am, etc.). downside is that currently it's only gregorian calendar)
  • added DurationFormat so you can now format over a duration in time such as "2 days from now" or "3 hours ago".
  • added "Locale Service Provide" support for core java's new locale service--many folks just want the filthy-rich and frequently-updated locale data that icu4j has and not the whole library. i wonder if there is a way to backdoor this into coldfusion's locales?

you can grab the jar files/api docs and read more about the new stuff here.


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