May 14, 2008

a "mostly" compliant java based email parser

if you've ever had to deal with email addresses you know it's sometimes a black black art to verify RFC-2822 compliance. ColdFusion's isValid() function is certainly handy for this but it's not 100% (actually i don't think anything is 100% RFC-2822 compliant, just have a read thru RFC-2822 to see what i mean).

well today on the javamail list someone announced The only more-or-less-2822-compliant Java-based email address extracter/verifier with some header verification as well. i did "some" testing on it w/our "crazy" email address suite & it passed but as for being more-or-less-2822-compliant i guess i'll have to take the author's word for that ;-)

have a look at and see for yourself.


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