December 04, 2007

another timezone two-step: venezuelan style

in case you missed the news, the politician in venezuela or should i say the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has decided to implement a half hour timezone (tz) change. The tz will change from -4 hours UTC to -4.5 hours UTC. the sweet part is that the change will supposedly occur next week, 9-dec-2007. i say supposedly because it was also supposed to happen back in september or maybe august. whoopee!

everybody from cisco to ibm's doing another tz two-step (you should see the list of s/w and h/w that has to be patched). there will probably have to be a new tz definition as the old UTC-4 tz was shared by la paz, bolivia which isn't changing their tz.

if you support venezuelan users/sites better get cracking:

notice how i refrained from any comparson to woody allen's Bananas movie even though it's one of my favorites ;-)


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