August 08, 2007

wow, that was fast

i submitted a bug to sun about australian and new zealand time formats being wrong compared to the CLDR on 18-may (CLDR & some common experience says it should be "h:mm:ss a", ie 12 hour AM/PM format, while core java thinks it should be "H:mm:ss", ie 24hr format). according to this (might require login) it was fixed on 21-may--funny thing is that i was only informed via the bug parade just "now" (7-aug). also funny was that it attracted only 1 vote--what you guys down there all asleep?

i guess we can expect to see this in JDK 1.6 update 4 (latest update is 2). i wonder if i should just pile all the CLDR vs core java locale differences (there's a lot) into a single java bug report?


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