August 02, 2007

PHP i18n

normally i would say that PHP's unicode/i18n support is fairly lame compared to coldfusion (actually i'd call it a joke but i'm not trying to be controversial here). well i stumbled on an interesting line on the ICU site concerning how PHP 6 would be using the ICU library (icu4j's sister C/C++ library). i was sort of shocked that PHP was considering this (hey PHP is lame after all), so thinking maybe this was market-speak or just plain wishful thinking, i googled it and turned up plenty of references including this article.

first this article confirms that PHP's unicode/i18n support really is lame (also see this article for a bit older take on PHP's unicode/i18n support, i especially liked the Unicode should have been in PHP five years ago quote). but more importantly, and what's surprising to me, is that they're actually doing something about it by adopting ICU. going from being an i18n joke to fully supporting unicode/i18n via the ICU project. i know next to nothing about the PHP world so i have no idea if this is really happening (or has already happened) or is just hot air but it looks like they're on the right track with ICU.

wonder if there's a lesson here?



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