October 01, 2007

in your face new york

for me this has been a very interesting sporting weekend.

first off i finally broke down and bought a road bike, a Giant OCR-3 (cheap starter bike, besides the price biggest plus is that the dealer is 5 minutes from my home/office)--since i've been riding a mountain bike for years i didn't want to blow a wad of baht on a road bike that i might end up hating. i've been riding in the "bush" less and less lately and lugging my mongoose for 125km++ rides was getting harder and harder. so after hemming and hawing for weeks i took the plunge on sunday. the weight and gearing are impressive compared to my trusty old mountain bike but the riding position is still a bit uncomfortable from what i'm used to (after one very short test ride). hopefully i'll get used to it with time.

next the Phillies finally won the NL east conference! as a long suffering Philly fan this is simply great news though the sports media seems to think the Mets collapsed all by themselves. i guess they forgot the Phillies were 7 games down just a few weeks ago (12-sept) and staged one of the biggest combacks in baseball history (at least since the 1930s). yeah the Mets had their problems but the Phillies kicked them to the curb when they needed to. now i'll finally be able to see the Phillies play on tv here in bangkok (the local cable company seem to think there are only two teams in the MLB, the Yankees and Dodgers).

and finally, the Green Bay Packers are off to a 4-0 start this season and oh yeah, Brett Favre passed Dan Marino's NFL career touchdown record! considering the Packers have almost no running game and Brett Favre was supposed to be washed up this is another great piece of sporting news for me. and i would also like to officially say "up yours" to SI's Ruben Franks for his Fading Stars article. i just wonder if he's changed his mind lately?