May 29, 2005

turkish cf forum

the turkish CFUG has just started up a turkish language cf forums. as you might know turkish is particularly difficult to handle. this is probably a good place to look for help when thos edifficulties rear up and head-butt you.

via O─čuz Demirkap─▒'s blog.

May 05, 2005

goowy does unicode

the newest webmail kid on the block goowy has just implemented unicode in their super-cool flash based webmail. originally the beta didn't support unicode and as usual, i was complaining a blue streak about them not supporting unicode and even gave them a public "bah humbug" for that. gary benitt, one of the founders of goowy, publicly stated they would be implementing unicode this week and by golly they sure did (i imagine it was in the works for weeks, unless they are the world's fastest flash coders). i just ran my standard unicode test against it and it passed "a-ok". this is one of the very rare occasions that i have to take back a "bah humbug" (not that many people pay attention one way or the other but i like to keep the record straight).

so, if you're looking for a modern flash-based webmail, then certainly give goowy a spin.

May 03, 2005

cf book support forums

ben forta has put up support forums for his books. the Advanced ColdFusion Application Development book (with my chapter on globalization) forum can be found here. if you have any questions or find any errors or just plain crazy stuff please let us know.