December 19, 2006

buy this book

if you do any work with iText, you need this book. bruno has done an excellent job explaining iText in all it's glory. it's got great details without the fluff and filler. loads of practical examples--while the code examples are mainly java, it's so well explained you can use it as a resource porting to coldfusion. and the cover's kind of cool too ;-) buy this book!

really, buy this book.


December 16, 2006

more timezone: timezones by country

been way too busy to blog about anything lately but this might be useful to somebody, somewhere. the super cool icu4j lib has had a method to retrieve timezones by country for a couple of versions now. it's something i wish core java had, but here's the next best thing--a csv file of icu4j's timezone data along w/country. the data consists of "full" country name (Thailand), 2-letter ISO-3166 country code (TH) and timezone ID. while the timezone ID are from icu4j, these should be ok for use w/core java. frankly, i've only had time to test a few countries worth of data, so if you find any that don't work, let me know and i'll see about fixing it.