January 16, 2009

icu4j 4.01 released

the icu4j project has just released version 4.01. its a regular maintenance release with the following changes (common across all flavors):
  • Unicode 5.1
  • locale data: Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 1.6
  • charset converter file size improvement
  • date interval formatting (note only gregorian calendar is supported n this release)
  • improved plural support
specific icu4j changes include:
  • charset
    • ICU2022 converter
    • HZ converter
    • SCSU/BOCU-1 converter
    • charset converter callback
  • thai dictionary break iterator (yeah)
  • JDK TimeZone support (this is pretty decent as you can now share tz IDs between coldfusion/core java & icu4j)
  • locale service provider
  • more convenient formatting of year+month, day+month, and other combinations
  • simple duration formatting
i guess it's time to update the icu4j CFCs for the new formatting bits. as usual you can download the new version from here. btw you can still get a hold of the icu4j tools here.


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