October 07, 2006

icu4j 3.6 hits the streets

was too busy to blog this when it was actually released but icu4j version 3.6 was released on 1-Oct-2006. the release notes can be found here. note that that are two new "supplemental" jars, one for XLIFF conversion tools and another for charsets. to recap the new bits for this release:
  • supports unicode 5.0
  • common locale data repository (CLDR) 1.4
  • globalization preferences, flexible container for locale data was added
  • a preview of the flexible date/time format generator (allowing multiple date and time format patterns to be generated) was added
  • a preview of the ICU4J implementation of the java.nio.charset.Charset API was added
and as the project site notes, be careful using the preview stuff in production.