July 28, 2006

me too....scorpio i18n wishlist

i've never seen a bandwagon i didn't want to jump on, so i'm jumping aboard this round of ColdFusion wishlist blog articles with my own i18n one. but unlike the other wishlists, my i18n list is rather short and sweet. why? over the years ColdFusion has more or less answered the majority of my i18n needs. unicode capability? got it. java locales? yup. and the introduction of CFCs pretty much plugged in the other i18n holes (non-gregorian calendars, locale based collation, etc.). so what do i think ColdFusion still needs in terms of i18n?
  • native resource bundles (heck flex 2.0 got them, but frankly that's about all it got in terms of i18n)
  • setTimeZone() function that might allow me to find my way out of timezone hell
  • use icu4j library (used in a modular/plugin fashion, one of the really sweet things aboout this project is how often it's updated with new functionality and improved locale data from the CLDR). this would buy us better locale data, offer easier access to non-gregorian calendars, etc.

and that's it.

i guess you can take this posting as a stealthy complement to the good work the CF team has done over the years to get ColdFusion to it's current i18n state.