February 07, 2005

blackstone locales

maybe i didn't look hard enough but i haven't seen any mention about locales in any of the blogs/articles/etc. concerning the release of blackstone (now officially known as ColdFusion MX 7). ditto during the beta pr period. no idea about why this was but it's sure like hiding your light under a bushel. if you're a g11n developer, Blackstone's going to be a real eye-opener. core Java's locales are now Blackstone's locales. from the measly 20 odd locales in cfmx 6.1, Blackstone gives us 130. the figure below compares locale support across different versions of cf. pretty cool, huh?
cf supported locales
and you can now use Java style locale identifiers like ar_AE instead of the "pretty" locale name Arabic (United Arab Emirates), so now it's that much easier to synch up your calls to core Java's ResourceBundle class from cf. and you can buy into all that locale info using the super simple setLocale() function.

of course, as soon as i get what i've asked for after years of asking, i find some new plaything. as you might have read in this blog, icu4j's latest release (3.2) switched to the CLDR's locales, all 232 of them (with 60 more in beta). the graph below compares cf with and without icu4j.
cf w/icu4j supported locales
gives you pause, which should i use for locale support? oh my. i'll be revisiting this issue again.


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Great news!!


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