November 23, 2004

icu4j 3.2 released

talk about fast, IBM has just announced the release of icu4j version 3.2-- it was just in alpha first week of this month. and just in case you haven't been paying attention, this is a pretty significant release:
  • icu4j locale data is now 100% built from the CLDR 1.2 data, and has data for 232 locales!
  • the user guide got a major overhaul (not that anybody reads user guides but hey, they did overhaul it)
  • Universal Timescale conversions have been added that allow you to swap between binary datetimes on different platforms
  • Accept-Language, icu4j now provides a mechanism for parsing http_accept_language vars and matching against locales--no more parsing these ourselves, and i can tell you the ones from Apple boxes used to give me the dry heaves oops this didn't make it into the final release.
  • RFC 3066 locale ID support has been added
  • and of course bug fixes

if you do any i18n work, you should pick up this release. you'll find it here.


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