January 06, 2005

back to our regularly scheduled i18n programming

a couple more non-tsunami i18n bits of information.

that i18n guy about town, tex texin, has put together a good document concerning the use of RFC 3066 language identifiers. you might lend a hand by perusing the table for any funny business (maybe like sinhalese in thailand--but hey, what do i know).

just when i thought i knew everything about encoding (maybe because i actually think all you really have to know is Just Use Unicode), i find out something new. while doing some research in the java i18n forums i stumbled onto a really nifty java encoding resource, part of a java and internet glossary. i especially liked the term armouring (which i had never heard used in this context before): Converting binary data into printable gibberish so that data transport systems will not corrupt it. so that's what it's called.


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