December 15, 2004

two new i18n tidbits

first, the latest version of the Unicode Standard (4.1.0) which is due out in march, 2005 is now in beta. some of the new stuff i find interesting are:
  • newly added complete scripts such as new Tai Lue script (it's used in the yunnan area of southern china and south to northern thailand) among others
  • "very significant extensions to the repertoire for the Arabic script"
  • new chars were added to support "roundtrip mapping support for HKSCS and GB 18030"
  • i also find it interesting that "106 CJK compatibility ideographs has been added to support roundtrip mapping to the DPRK standard"--you know, north korea

now, i guess i'm going to have to rework my uBlock CFC. you can read more about the new unicode beta here.

next since i'm always ragging on core java's i18n support, i'd thought i'd point out a nifty new tech tip at Core Java Technologies Tech Tips dealing with resource bundles. this tech tip examines when and where you should be using ListResourceBundle vs PropertyResourceBundle. we normally use PropertyResourceBundle when applications can't access the classpath (ala the javaRB CFC) and plain ResourceBundle when it can (with rbJava CFC). as an added benefit this article gets into some testing using java 5.0 (or 1.5) new nanoTime() method (as in nanoseconds) as well as offering a link to a java one presentation on how not to write a benchmark.

both are pretty good reading.


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