September 17, 2004

new version of rbManager

i just discovered IBM's released a new (minor version upgrade) version of it's nifty rbManager tool. you can pickup version 0.7.1 here (scroll to the bottom of the page). i'm not exactly sure what was changed but i suspect it was a few bugs we encountered with the initial 0.7 release. anyway's its "new".

September 16, 2004


oh my, Deutsche Welle has produced yet another klingon website (yakws). this is a decidedly bad idea. everybody knows klingons are bad drunks with long memories and i just know they're going to try to do something about unicode rejecting their encoding proposal now that they have some more media attention.

i guess it's a good thing that JD's off to china. i heard they're still mad about his blogging about tengwar.

via CNN

September 10, 2004

xml owes success to i18n

interesting article about xml on cnet. the article quotes tim bray "One of the reasons XML took off is because it solved a lot of those issues with Unicode, which was fairly new at that point.". "those issues" being diverse languages and character sets. i guess one of those diverse languages is spoken by meat packers (hey its another cf site). by way of web globalization news.