October 10, 2003

astronomicalCalendar beta

compared with the other five calendars, this one's turning into a real barn burner. astronomicalCalendarCFC, determines the positions of the sun and moon, the time of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, moon phases (full, new, etc.), vernal equinox, summer solstice, etc. for the most part, the CFC seems to work Ok but there are a few sticky issues or at least things i don't quite get. the getSunrise/getSunset functions are supposed to return the GMT time of sunrise/sunset on the local date to which this calendar is currently set (i construct each astronomicalCalendar object with a location, lat-long and then set a date). for Bangkok, where the testbed server is, the returned sunrise, etc. times seem reasonable enough. however for sites in north america, like Philly, Scranton or Saskatoon the sunrise/sunset times appear reversed. i can't tell (yet) whether these are the GMT times for their local sunrise/sunset or the local times for the testbed server (GMT+7). or something else entirely. this ICU4J calendar class is sort of experimental, so the docs, etc. aren't the clearest. need more testing before this thing can be shipped to the devnet gallery. the testbed is here. if you want to play around w/the CFC as it now stands, you can download it here. ho hum. well at least this posting hasn't mentioned the EOLAS Patent ruckus (until now ;-)


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