June 28, 2003

shoe sizes

shoe sizes? yes this has something to do with globalizing cf. so your cf application sells shoes on the internet--and from a quickie google search for ".cfm and shoe" which turned up 136,000++ pages, i'd guess a whole of folks do (and when customers are paying 500 bucks for a pair of "mountain" shoes, it seems that its fairly profitable). did you ever stop to think about who's buying these products? from what i've seen in a rather feeble sampling i did, i'd say "no, not much". well you see shoe sizes are not the same everywhere in the world and are in fact wildly different: just for instance, a size 10.5 (men's) in the US is a size 10 in the UK and Australia, a size 9 in Mexico, a size 28.5 in Japan and a size 44 in Thailand. granted, walking in off the street this wouldn't be such a big deal but hey, these sites were doing business on the internet. none of the 2 dozen or so sites i sampled offered anyway to convert their products' sizes to other systems, in fact none of these actually even mentioned what shoe size system they were using, though i guess you could infer that from where the shops were physically located. i get giddy thinking about all the international product returns this probably generates or the look on peoples' faces when they get microscopic shoes delivered to them ;-) as tex texin says, companies are losing money on the internet over things like this, "this" being not properly globalizing your application. anyway something to think about the next time you go shoe shopping.


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