June 22, 2003

unicode/xml bar brawl: no injuries/no arrests

john dowdell's blog entry Unicode/XML warning was actually resolved amicably, mainly in favor of XML (markup/tags win out over by-the-book char encoding):
  • unicode's line and paragraph separator are now discouraged, use markup tags instead.
  • language tags should replace unicode language tag codepoints
  • not that i care a whole lot but musical notation will be replaced by a yet another customized XML language
  • the fraction slash is maintained, but may be handled better by the MathML markup language (yet another customized XML language)
  • superscripts and subscripts are retained, but could be replaced by markup tags (could??, i can see this will be fun)
the unicode side of this can be found in the full technical report. by and large this won't effect most cf folks but as JD points out its something to keep your eye peeled for with legacy content (though my experience is that very little of that is actually in unicode).


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