June 18, 2003

some i18n resources

i was wandering around on tex texin's website (yes that is his name), i18nguy looking for telephone number info (i want to test country address vs country phone numbers) and found a good resource at the world telephone numbering guide. the wtng is a very rich site (though in my personal opinion, its seriously ugly). while you're on tex's site don't forget to download his web internationalization tutorial. you can apply quite a bit of this to coldfusion (and i guess flash) app development. during my wandering i also found a bit of country/timezone info from of all places the world wide construction site. i guess construction gangs are i18n now too. speaking of timezones, here's a tip for getting client timezone info. makes use of dan switzer's client/server gateway JSAPI and a few lines of coldfusion. and finally, this is a spatial view of the world's UTM and timezones--its something i did at my old job but never tweaked much, so its kind of slow (especially at startup). if you look closely you can see why gathering timezone info is sort of voodoo-like ;-)


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