June 24, 2003

language negotiation

one important CGI variable from the G11N perspective is HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE. why? because it represents what language/locale the user wants as opposed to what cf might be able to deliver (via setEncoding(), cfProcessingDirective, cfcontent and the actual dynamic content). matching what the user wants and what your app can deliver is often called "language negotiation". while HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE is usually a single locale or language (th-th or th for example) it can often be a list of languages/locales (especially w/MACs, some of the longest HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE lists i've ever seen came from MAC browsers though browsers in internet cafe's at major tourist desitinations can get pretty long as well). language preferences are usually listed (comma delimited) in order, with most preferred first and may contain a quality (q) value that represents an estimate of the user's preference for that language range. for instance, "en-us,ko;q=0.5" means i prefer US english but will also accept Korean. whether a value for HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE exists depends on the browser age and whether a user has set it (for IE that would be via tools, internet options, languages), it also may only contain a language (en) rather than a full locale (en-ca) and we all know how important locale is ;-) because of this i use geoLocator (which determines locale from a users IP) along with HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE to find and fix a users locale. more info on HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE can be found here.


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