May 19, 2007

God helps those who help themselves

since it looks like they'll be playing ice hockey in hell before ColdFusion makes use of the very cool icu4j library, i figure we better start helping core java get it's locale resource act together. so lets start somewhere near my neighborhood, australia & new zealand.

core java's locale data for en_Au (Australia) and en_NZ (New Zealand) time formats is a bit off. it uses a format of H:mm:ss where the "H" stands for 24 hour clock, ie 5:00 PM would be formatted as 17:00. the CLDR (common locale data repository) however states that the time format for en_Au & en_NZ locales is h:mm:ss a (well actually it's proposed to include the timezone, "h:mm:ss a z" see the en_AU time format entry here). while most users in those locales are smart enough to get that 17:00 is 5:00 PM when your ColdFusion app outputs time values, it would play havoc when ColdFusion tries to parse what those same folks would normally input for a time value.

so hey en_AU and en_NZ locale people, time to start helping yourselves. Sun has accepted this as a new bug, go vote for it (you have to be a member of the Sun Developer Network to vote but these days, who isn't).


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