September 09, 2006

icu4j 3.6 hits alpha

the ICU project has announced the release of an alpha version of icu4j 3.6. you can grab this cool java library here. so what's new for 3.6? according to the brief release notes:
  • support for Unicode 5.0
  • 25% more CLDR locale data in 245 locales in ICU
  • a flexible date/time format generator has been added, allowing for multiple date and time format patterns to be generated that are valid for specific locales (sounds interesting)
  • under "Globalization Preferences", a new flexible container for locale data was added
  • for more charset conversion bang-for-your-buck, a preview of the ICU4J implementation of the java.nio.charset.Charset API was added

addendum: apparently the nifty timezone bits proposed earlier this year didn't make it into this release. too bad, so sad, could have been very useful.


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