April 26, 2006

get it while it's hot: BoardFusion UI Preview

it's rare that i get the chance to build an i18n application from the ground up, we're usually involved after the fact. the BoardFusion (BF) project is a different critter altogether. i18n has been a major goal for this project from the outset. we're going to use icu4j as the main i18n library as we currently plan on supporting non-gregorian calendars, locale-based collation, user timezones and a lot of other i18n goodies you'd expect from modern i18n software.

right now we're at the user interface (UI) stage which beyond the app's "look and feel", will actually control how the application functions. so if you'd care to lend us an eyeball or two the BF project team would really appreciate your comments on the UI's

for more information on the project see the "BoardFusion News Page" and the Project Wiki.



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