May 16, 2006

BoardFusion's i18n bits

just in case you missed it, the BoardFusion project (BF) has released a preview of the user interface (UI). and while the project accumulated a lot of useful comments, i'm posting this to solict some specific i18n feedback before we close the books on the UI preview. so this is the "last gas for 200 km" review.

to recap:
  • i18n is a zero level goal (that is the project won't leave home without it).
  • it will be based on icu4j java library and by based i mean every single i18n function, except some parts of the resource bundle CFC and (probably) the Gregorian calendar will be derived from it.
  • besides the basic Gregorian calendar most ColdFusion developers are familiar with, this project will also include Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, and Hebrew calendars to handle that tricky calendar math.
  • user centric timezone, users will see datetimes in their individual timezones--and yes, even this functionality will come out of icu4j. by divorcing this functionality from core Java, the project will be able to take advantage of icu4j's more frequent updates.
  • locale based collation (sorting).
  • strict use of resource bundles (rb), you will be able to l10n skin this puppy, though we haven't 100% decided on the "recommended" rb management tool yet. besides icu4j's rb manager, any ideas?
  • standard localized date/numeric/currency formatting, all hail CLDR.
  • the project will make use of the super cool JavaLoader in order to load the icu4j from off the server classpath (shared hosts will not be a problem). this also allows for painless updating of the icu4j jar file.

so, have we missed anything? some i18n related functionality we've overlooked? any rb managemnet tool you particularly like? if you have any ideas please submit them here as comments or better yet via the UI preview. we'd really appreciate it. thanks.

for more information on the project see the "BoardFusion News Page" and the Project Wiki.


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