March 26, 2006

Australian DST change: a day late and a dollar short?

while i should have been more than vaguely aware of this issue, it seems even Sun was laying down on the job a bit. Australia observes DST (Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time as they say down under) just like the US and other countries. DST in Australia normally ends March 26, 2:59AM (local time). however this year, to accomodate the Commonwealth games, the DST end date was pushed back to April 2. most older JRE's (like the version that coldfusion runs on, even the updated JRE that the flex/coldfusion connector "installs") still run off the older Olsen data with Australian DST ending March 26. on March 25th i got an email from the Sun Developer Network pointing at this article about the issue including links to updated JREs. talk about cutting it close.

icu4j on the other hand, has had this and other updated timezone info for some time now.


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