February 16, 2006

i seem to keep missing these....the super cool icu4j lib was updated 20-jan-2006 to version 3.4.2. it contains a few bug fixes (Chinese date format/calendar, currency rounding bug for de_CH locale, etc.) but the biggest deal is that this release dumps the dependency on core java timezone data. while i normally use core java's timezone classes this puppy has several methods that i find pretty cool. for instance, one of the biggest headaches w/using timezone data is that there is just so darned many of them. filtering these down into something reasonable often results in some compromises that always leave me feeling like we're missing something. now we can do filtering that at least looks more reasonable, say like using a user's country:

//get TZ based on country

<cfdump var="#zones#">

how cool is that?


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