February 18, 2006

unicode font madness

ever needed a font to handle Berber language? or Khmer? while i most often use the massive Arial Unicode MS for our i18n work there are some rare occasions where it doesn't contain the glyphs we need. and other occasions where i simply like the way a font looks (like Tifinagh abjad used to write Berber).

well, look no further. the Unicode Font Guide For Free/Libre Open Source Operating Systems has put together a super cool collection of free/cheap fonts covering pretty much every language in the world. the content is organized regionally which to me makes a boat load of sense.

the main site also has some excellent font/web related resources including an XHTML and CSS guide for middle school students (which i dare say some cf developers, like me for example, could make good use of).

this is another excellent i18n resource to add to your bookmarks.

just for fun, below is an example of Tifinagh abjad. tell me this doesn't look so cool, there's something almost alien about it.

Tifinagh abjad


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