July 02, 2005

get it while it's hot: icu4j 3.4 beta

IBM just announced the beta release of icu4j 3.4. some of the nifty new stuff in this release includes:
  • updated to Unicode 4.1
  • collation engine updated to UCA 4.1
  • fully conformant with CLDR 1.3
  • charset detection framework (which looks very useful)
  • message formatting apostophe solution
  • additional usability APIs
  • new currency listing API
  • more API for accessing CLDR data
  • Coptic and Ethiopic calendars (that makes 8 icu4j calendars and Dr. Ghasem Kiani's persian calendar for a total of 9, count 'em 9, calendars)
  • more efficient data loading
you can download the beta release here. report any bugs by july 17th.

and in case you were wondering, today (2-jul-2005) is October 25, 1721 in the Coptic calendar and October 25, 7497 (Amete Alem Era) in the Ethiopic calendar system.


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