March 24, 2005

charsets galore

after researching charsets for the [expletive deleted] time to help somebody on the forums, i decided it was time to create a tool to do away with some of that kind of tedious labor. so building on the API for java.nio.charset.Charset i whipped out a small CFC to poke and prod the charsets available on a given server (or to be more precise, charsets supported by cf's JRE). you can see it here. it can be used to deliver the available charsets on a cf server, determine if a charset is supported, and find out if one charset contains another.

oh yeah, once again in case you haven't been paying attention Just Use Unicode. it will save you a lot of trouble over the long run.

on another note, this CFC (100+ lines) was also the first piece of code i wrote from start to finish with cfeclipse. while it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience, i think it will take me quite a bit more "getting used to" before i give up cfstudio for good.


At 4/12/2005 1:25 PM, Blogger Roger Benningfield said...

Paul: Could you drop me an email at roger(at) I've got an encoding problem I've been struggling with, and wanted to get your feedback... unfortunately, I've lost your email address.


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