April 23, 2005

cldr 1.3 goes beta

the unicode consortium has announced the release of cldr 1.3 beta version. chief among the new stuff is data to support timezone localization, data for UN M.49 regions (including continents and region), and some number and data tests to help you verify your implementation. the only thing i'm not yet seeing is a clear/standard indication of writing system directionality. you still have to read through the data looking for "hints". not that i don't simply just love staring at pages and pages of XML goop but i sure wish there were something i could quickly search for.

as usual, you can file any bugs you find here.

on a somewhat "lighter" note, the wikipedia has a page on the "Heavy metal umlaut". it's an interesting read on the use (gratuitous and otherwise) of the umalut (Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü) associated with heavy metal music. and no, i'm not a heavy metal fan, though i guess the led zepplin of my youth might qualify (i can only listen to I to III these days, untitled onwards kind of lost me).


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