November 10, 2004

icu4j 3.2 in alpha

IBM just anounced that icu4j version 3.2 in now in alpha. you can read more about it and download here. you can see API changes (tool generated) between 3.0 and 3.2 here.

this is a pretty significant release. to the already nifty features it adds:
  • icu4j locale data is now completely built from the CLDR 1.2 data which includes interesting locales like en_US_POSIX English (United States, Computer), eo Esperanto, fa_AF Persian (Afghanistan), kl_GL Kalaallisut Greenland), kw_GB Cornish (United Kingdom) and a whole bunch more. that's 230 icu4j locales vs 134 locales in core java!
  • icu4j now overloads it's methods that accept locales to take either java locales or it's own uLocales
  • Universal Timescale conversions
  • DateTimeFormat object initialization performance improvement!!
  • and of course bug fixes ;-)

there's also an eclipse how-to for icu4j.

all in all, its pretty cool.


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