September 30, 2003

more ISO follies

while i won't go as far as some folks by calling ISO a training camp for sitcom plot writers, they have again seemingly shot somebody's big toe off as a form of comic relief. the folks looking after ISO 3166 (country codes) have decided to re-assign "cs" (formerly czechoslovakia) to serbia and montenegro. ouch. all those folks with .CS in their email or web addresses, printed on business cards, stationary, brochures, etc. can all just take a hike. the ISO 3166 rules call for a wait period of five years (as if everybody using .CS is even aware of that rule, not to even start thinking about cleaning up all the existing data using .CS), the jig is up. the IAB's not too pleased with this. they want a 200 year wait period before a code is re-used. The irish national body, being more reasonable folks, only want a 100 year wait period. either's fine with me. and no, just in case you're wondering, the "&" symbol isn't legal, ie "s & m" can't be used for serbia and montenegro.


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