September 27, 2003

locale holiday info?

as you can probably tell from my blog recently, i've been beavering away with ibm's icu4j lib's calendar classes. one very interesting related class is Holidays. it contains data (names, dates, date rules, locales, etc.) and methods (isOn, isBetween, firstAfter, etc.) for, well, holidays. its actually very useful for easily building calendars (holidays are something i noticed that most cf calendar tags, etc. do a swell job failing at). i've got a testbed setup. there's a few bugs yet (double applying timezone offsets & the en_US holidays seem flaky) which will get fixed but what's really missing is holiday for more locales. so i'd like to ask if folks would be kind enough to send me holiday info (names, dates, date rules, etc.) for any of the locales not used in the testbed. it would be great if i could collect holiday info from recognized national sources (gathering that now but any pointers would be most welcome--i'm quite sure i will miss some). you can add the info here as comments or email me paul<at> this will eventually be built into a CFC & of course distributed for free w/acknowledgements. thanks.


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