September 23, 2003

calendars: straight up easy buddhist calendar

after filling my hoary head with the hebrew calendaring system (and yes, my head still hurts a bit), i thought i'd take on the more straight forward buddhist calendar system. like the hebrew calendar, its based on ibm's icu4j lib. the buddhist calendar numbers years since the birth of the Buddha. in predominantly buddhist countries like thailand (where i live these days) its the civil calendar (ie the official one in general use by most folks and of course the government). it's often used for religious purposes elsewhere. the buddhist calendar is identical to the gregorian calendar in all respects except for the year and era (BC, AD, etc.). years are numbered since the birth of the Buddha in 543 BC (gregorian calendar), so that 1 AD (gregorian calendar) is equivalent to 544 BE (buddhist era) and 2003 AD is 2546 BE. easy enough,right? like the hebrew calendar, i've built a CFC and posted it to the devnet gallery, where it will bubble up eventually.


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