September 29, 2006

heads up! DST changes coming

in case you missed it, the US will have some significant DST changes in 2007. instead of DST kicking in on april 2nd, in 2007 it will start march 11th and end november 4th (instead of october 29th). those are the actual dates, the "Energy Policy Act of 2005" has the DST starting on the "second Sunday in March" and ending on "the first Sunday in November".

hopefully ColdFusion 8 (aka scorpio) will upgrade it's JDK to a version that includes the new timezone data. if not--which i think is highly unlikely--or you can't upgrade in time you can do it yourself. for MX, upgrading to J2SE 1.4.2_11 or better will do the trick.

you can read more here. an interesting note from that page is that several countries follow US DST rules, something i had never considered before.


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