August 06, 2005

more timezone stuff

i got an email from a coldfusion developer in iran (Behrang Noroozinia) complaining that my timezone CFC wasn't casting to his timezone (tz) correctly. double checking i found that was i was using decimal hours with cf's dateAdd function which only accepts integers. i guess nobody else noticed as most users live in tz w/whole number offsets from UTC. in iran however they have an offset of 3.5 hours (plus 1 hour for DST). interesting that dateAdd didn't throw an error but instead truncated the decimal hours. in any case, even if you don't live in iran, if you use the timezone CFC you should download this fixed version.

ps: the experimental DST bits are on hold now, s. isaac dealey was kind enough to review the logic and sent me a bunch of stuff to look over. hopefully i can get to it this weekend.


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