October 01, 2004

cldr 1.2

unicode has just announced the public release of the alpha version of the cldr (Common Locale Data Repository). some of the highlights include:
  • better documentation for date/number format patterns (one of my favorites)
  • added stuff about references/validity/etc.
  • new timezone localization model
  • weekend data
  • added Oriya, Malayalam, Assamese, Welsh, Dzongkha, Bhutan, Khmer and Lao (woohoo se asian) locales
  • added more country,language,currency, and type display name data for ar, bg, cs, el, he, hr, hu, is, mk, pl, ro, ru, sk, sl, sr, tr, uk (the arabic stuff is way cool)
read more on the cldr website. you can compare the cldr versus platform data here. and you can report bugs here. via the unicode mailing list.


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