March 08, 2004

javaRB CFC updated and some milk and cookies

i was working on a project the last week where we used the javaRB cfc to handle resource bundles. after we implemented some Thai language bundles i noticed that the actual way it was finding files was not quite "standard" (ie it didn't exactly follow the java way of things). so i re-jigged the file finding logic to better mimic java's logic, it now searches for rbFile and locale, then rbFile and language, and finally just the base rbFile. you can find the updated CFC on its testbed. it will eventually bubble up on the devnet exchange. i almost never rely on cookies, so when i read something in the support forums last week it was an eye-opener (actually more like, "geez! how did i ever overlook that!"). laurent (a frenchman transplanted to the land of vegemite, can you imagine;-) made an excellent catch of this issue by reminding us that cookies are also a scope in mx just like url & form and should have their encoding set as well, for instance (something that might go in your application.cfm along with setEncoding for url and form scopes): setEncoding("cookie","utf-8") so now you know.


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