February 27, 2004

new W3C i18n faq

the W3C has just issued a new i18n faq related to language negotiation. it discusses the just about absolute need for language negotiation on good i18n web sites, examining the old standby of HTTP Accept-Language header (i use that in combination with geolocator CFC) as well as stressing the need for manual language swapping (couldn't agree more). another important but sometimes overlooked point is "navigation stickiness", basically remembering which language a user has selected (in cf via cookies or session vars) & always serving content in that language. another interesting point (to me anyway) was a trick to also look at User-Agent header which sometimes also contains language (besides all that boring browser version, etc. stuff). cool. i'm going to look at adding that to the geoLocator CFC when Accept-Language is empty. so now you know.


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