August 06, 2003

man bites dog...

nigel's updated the geoLocator IP database and i've tweaked the CFC code a bit (you no longer have to explicitly init the geoLocator component, it should be handled automatically now internal to the CFC). nigel's also updated the sourceforge site. the updated geoLocator CFC will be available "soon" from the mm devnet gallery. if you're in a rush, you can grab it from here. note that the InetAddressLocator class name has changed to "net.sf.javainetlocator.InetAddressLocator". if you don't know what the geoLocator's all about try this example. for those still using cf5, Uwe Degenhardt's maintaining which has this CFC as a cflib style file. interestingly, nigel's moved some of the CF functionality over into java--thats functionality that wasn't originally present in the java version, which is what i find interesting in a kind of "man bites dog" sort of way.


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