July 17, 2003

more humbug: the reception to I18N CF5 fillets the page

after we all had a good laugh trying to use machine translations, Uwe Degenhardt and i have rounded up some human beings to translate content (a whole paragraph) on cftools.sdsolutions.de. this is another case showing how idiotic machine translators can be. lets take spanish for instance. the original english was: Welcome to the I18N CF5 Tools page. You can pick up a few free I18N tools for CF5 here. If you're using CFMX, we recommend the MX-specific I18N tools in the Macromedia ColdFusion Exchange. You'll find the available tools listed below. one machine translator, which i won't name but its babelfish ;-) translated that to: La recepción al I18N CF5 filetea la página. Usted puede tomar algunas herramientas libres de I18N para CF5 aquí. Si usted está utilizando CFMX, recomendamos las herramientas MX-especi'ficas de I18N en el intercambio de Macromedia ColdFusion. Usted encontrará las herramientas disponibles enumeradas abajo. while a real live homo sapien translated that english as: Bienvenidos al sitio I18N CF5 Tool. Aquí puede hacerse de algunas herramientas gratis para CF 5. Si se sirve de CFMX, recomendamos las herramientas específicas MX I18N de Macromedia descargar la zona ColdFusion-Exchange. Las herramientas disponibles se encuentran abajo. i don't speak any spanish but even i can see these two translations are quite different, who would you bet on? in any case, a good test of these things is to round-trip the translation--ie do you get back what you put in? in this case, not quite: The reception to I18N CF5 fillets the page. You can take some free tools from I18N for CF5 here. If you are using CFMX, we recommended the MX-specific tools of I18N in the Macromedia interchange ColdFusion. You will find the tools down available enumerated. bah humbug.


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