July 07, 2003

blog gone south

no idea why but my latest blog archives have "gone south" (sort of old american slang meaning "to disappear; fail by or as if by vanishing; abscond with money or loot, to cheat at cards, or simply to sharply diminish"). then the RSS went and had a conniption fit (even older american slang meaning "fainting fit, anxiety attack or tantrum") so that all the blog text body took a hike. this is all sort of voodoo like in that i hadn't changed anything. just to compound the problem i decided to change the layout, etc. to make it more readable. what was broken, is still broken, but at least it looks different. i guess this means i will have to move my blog to something i understand a bit more (ie. cf-based blog). the question is which one? ray camden's blog (though i have to re-write that to remove createobject dependency)? or the italian xml blog (which i have to re-write to use java reflection to remove dependency on cffile)? anyone care to share their thoughts on this?


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